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Chelsea & Jimmy

How does a lovely Lake Erie gal from Buffalo meet a sweet freckle-faced Ginger from East Windsor, New Jersey? Short story, they met in college. Long story, they met on the University at Albany Rowing team. Nearly ten years and a gazillion adventures later, this duo is ready to take on life's biggest adventure yet.

With my parka, winter cap, and camera gear in stow, I met with Chelsea and Jimmy in their newly settled and adorable North Buffalo home. We cooked up a game plan, piled in my car, and set off to the city to kick off the session. Buffalo is painfully FREEZING these days but these two were all about it! With no coats, big laughs, and a windchill of about -9265884 degrees, Chelsea and Jimmy braved the chill and rocked their session. I'm still trying to figure out if I was crying from laughter or because I couldn't feel my face. Nonetheless, we had so much fun! And HUGE shout out to Chelsea for running around the city in a little red dress!

We ended the day with an expedition to the tundras of Antarctica, otherwise known as Chelsea's childhood backyard of Lake Erie. It was SO special to shoot here. It's a space that houses so many incredible memories and hilarious stories. As I looked out over the frozen lake, I imagined Chelsea as a rosie-cheeked young girl running along the glaciers on the beach. Today, she stood beside her soulmate surrounded by the same vast seascape. Love and life flowing full circle.

**Note: no limbs, cameras, or cute couples were harmed or frostbitten during the making of these images**

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