Saturday, March 12, 2020 AT 7:00PM


"To dance is to dream using your two feet"

Fate brought Chelsea and Jordan together at a jukebox and they never stopped dancing since.

I first met this adorable duo in 2017 cutting a serious rug at a wedding and was BEYOND thrilled when they reached out to us to capture their big day at Belhurst Castle. After seeing their party performance from their friend's wedding, I KNEW theirs would be nothing shy of a good time. Back flips, dance offs, light up kitten ears, limbo, singing silbings; every little inch of their reception was filled with amazing memories. Between their HUGE genuine hearts, unconditional love, ridiculously good looks, amazing family, and wholesome friends, Chelsea and Jordan are two perfect humans who make a perfect pair.

Everything came together so beautifully and I was SO thankful to be a part of this day! Happy ONE WEEK anniversary to this Mr and Mrs!

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