Friday, January 11, 2019 AT 8:04PM

Jen & Brian

Jen and Brian met while working at Wegmans in Depew. Neither one knew that just beyond the aisle of gummy bears and potato chips would lie their soulmate. They didn't start dating until AFTER they stopped working there, but I like to think they fell in love somewhere between the avocados and that lady who hands out free samples of stir fry veggies.

Untitled photo

The Wedding

Jen and Brian knew that a small, intimate wedding was just what they wanted. I was SO grateful to capture this! When I first met with Jen and Brian over ice cream, the only souls that knew of their super secret plans were Jen's sister, Brian's best friend, and me. The day was absolutely perfect. The pair invited their parents to a "carriage ride" through the village of Williamsville but surprised them with a pop-up WEDDING instead!

The Couple

After the ceremony, Jen and Brian took me to some of their favorite nooks and cranny's of Williamsville while the rest of the gang went home to warm up. They danced around Island Park, popped glitter poppers at Glen Falls, searched for goodies at Sweet Jenny's ice cream shop...

And back to where it all began....

The Party

At the end of the night, Jen and Brian went back home and were greeted by their loved ones and a warm, cozy dinner. This was SUCH an incredible way to kick off the new year with a sweet and wholesome crew! Being surrounded by so much love and amazing family reminds me how special it is to work with the people I do. Congratulations to Sweet Jenny and Brian on life's next adventure and a very happy 2019 to all!

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