Tuesday, March 12, 2019 AT 1:12PM

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Ben & Lo

Head over freaking heels. These two are absolutely CRAZY about each other. And can anyone blame them? Individually, they're smart, good lookin' and super sweet on the inside. Together, it's like a violent explosion of cuteness.

It all started when Ben was slapping bass on stage and locked eyes on a stunning girl. He couldn't shake her out of his mind. Channeling his inner Sherlock and handy stalking skills, he found out her name, her story, and soon enough their paths crossed again at Nietzsche's. Lo wasn't even supposed to go out that night but something in the stars made her bend to good beer, live music, and peer pressure.


If there's anything these two love more than each other it's snow. They just returned from a ski trip at Banff National Park and I was stoked to see so much fluff in the forecast! I LOVE exploring the spaces that really capture the personalities of people. We met at Delaware Park and spent the second half of the day frolicking up, down, and around Allen Street. The snowflakes were abundant, the smiles were endless, none of us could feel our toes, but those heel clicking karate kicks at the end... WOO! I can't wait for their Fall wedding at Holiday Valley!

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