Saturday, April 18, 2020 AT 5:10PM

Shannon & Dan: Warsaw NY


In an alternate reality that existed just a few short months ago,

Shannon is walking down the aisle to marry Dan right now.

When I first heard whispers of this tormenting virus sweeping across the globe, I underestimated it's power. Nothing could've prepared us for this emotional roller coaster that is COVID-19. It hits me in waves; disbelief, shock, resilience, grief, hope, hopelessness, fear, fury. Trying to stay cool, confident, and comforting to those around me while battling my own insecurities and worry. WHAT A RIDE - hey this ride sucks! Can I return my ticket? Can we go back to our lives now?

Once the dust of disbelief settled, my mind whirled to our 2020 clients and couples. How are they holding up? What are they feeling? How are they handling these changes? My clients are like family, I wanted them to know that we're here for them. Through all of this. I immediately started reaching out to everyone, finding shallow comfort knowing that we're all in this together. Since that initial thought, our 2020 season dissolved and evolved from rescheduling, to postponing, to cancelling, to not knowing.

So, Shannon and Dan. Today was their wedding day.

This bubbly, super sweet, dog-loving, good lookin', adventurous, all smiles duo were the first to feel the ripples of this COVID-19 wave.

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I remember talking on the phone with Shannon when all of this first started in early March - both of us feeling hopeful and optimistic with no ground to stand on. But that's the way Shannon is. She is positive, delightful, full of spunk and joy. She and Dan were working hard to come up with the impossible decision about their big day.

After playing in the snow with these two, I know they'll be okay. Their love is strong, resilient,  and they are there for each other. This all will pass and we'll all come out a little stronger in the end.

As the saying goes you can pick your nose, but you can't pick a good time for a pandemic.

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