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Iburi Photography is a brother-sister duo specializing in weddings and storytelling portraiture. Since summer 2009, we document your story with influences of photo-journalism and a love for exploring unique spaces. With crafted creativity and innate curiosity, we are here to capture the true version of you.

Start your journey with us and contact info@iburiphotography.com or call (585) 356-8036.



Akari Iburi is the co-foundress, photographer, and sister of Iburi Photography. Since taking photography full time in August 2018, Akari devotes 99.9% of her time to running the business, connecting with incredible clients and refining her craft. During the other .1% she is daydreaming about being David Bowie's best friend.



Shin Iburi is the co-founder, photographer, and brother of Iburi Photography. As a full time dairy farmer, part time cross-fitter, a loving husband and father of two, Shin manages to balance the busy hustles of his daily life with the quiet passion of photography. Breathtaking landscapes and bad dad jokes are guaranteed on your wedding day.



Kinu Fortes (once an Iburi) is the Relationship Coordinator, sister, and glue that holds the other two team members in line. With Kinu's organization expertise, stellar customer service, and charmingly twisted sense of humor, she has a way of making you feel as if you've known her for years. For inquiries about Iburi Photography or your deepest life questions, contact info@iburiphotography.com

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